Development Log

May 12, 2018: Today I was working mostly with sounds and voiceover files. It took some effort, but now the majority of those files are attached to the source code, and play in the correct situation. It required changing some parts of the existing code, and some voice lines were found missing, but the majority of sounds and voiceovers are finished. I plan to finalize remaining sounds in this week. Also, I am now adjusting the size and positions of all inventory items to all available resolutions. I hope to finish it in this week as well.

May 10, 2018: Today I decided to start this blog, so you'll have an easier time following me. And, I won't hide this, I hope to get some hype. I'll try to add as much detail as possible, and as often as I can.

Those of you, who are already following me for some time, might be wondering, why updating the content of the game from Alpha to Beta takes so long, and if it actually advances. Please be calm, I am deep in the process of development, and so are freelancers helping me, and the Beta is moving towards finalization. Freelancers are doing game content I myself can’t do: graphics, sound effects and voiceover. I am happy to say, that the majority of content is mostly finished, only a few remaining images and voiceover effects remain to be done.
However, all this content is useless, until it is added to the game engine, and the code is adjusted, to make them appear or play in the correct situation. This, sometimes, require some effort, and changing the code that was already prepared before.
What I am doing now? I am sound effects to the game. As I said, this requires slight changing of the code, for example to make item appear in inventory only after the sound of this item picked up is played. This isn’t hard, but somewhat time consuming.
What I was doing before adding sounds, and what I’ll continue once I am finished with them: the basic check of all game rooms and objects. This is also called “Sanity Test”, the very first and basic check of everything. During this stage, I check that all game objects work as they should, that sounds and voices are played in the right moment, and that there are no bugs that crash the game. Of course, there will be more checks, more thorough, with finding and fixing smaller bugs, but this is the start.
I really hope to release the game in two month. That will be still not final part, but the Beta, with about half of the planned content for final version.